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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • DUIs
  • Drug Charges
  • Weapon Charges
  • Criminal Investigations
More people are arrested and incarcerated in the United States than anywhere else in recorded history. On an average day, more than 20,000 people will be arrested across the US and over 5 million more are under some form of government supervision by the criminal legal system.

Criminal charges can have life-changing consequences, even if you are never convicted. If you have been arrested or accused of a crime, contact us to discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney. We have represented clients at every stage of criminal proceedings and work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome in every case.

Domestic Relations and Domestic Violence

  • Orders of Protection
  • Civil No Contact Orders
  • Stalking No Contact Orders
Orders of Protection and No Contact Orders are intended to protect victims of domestic violence, stalking, and abuse. These civil proceedings are unique in the way that they implicate the criminal court system. This firm regularly litigates these cases.

Protective orders can be important tools to guard against further harm and abuse. They can also be sought in bad faith with false allegations and flimsy evidence. Whether you are seeking protection or being accused of abuse, navigating the legal process effectively is critical.

If you are a Petitioner seeking a protective order, you must move the case along in court, ensure that all procedural requirements are met, and present evidence in support of your case to a judge. If you are a Respondent and an Order of Protection or No Contact Order has been filed against you, you can expect to be served by the Sheriff’s Office and you must appear in court to respond to the allegations. Having an order issued against you carries real consequences and can ultimately be the basis for criminal prosecution, so you must take these cases seriously.

Contact us if you need assistance with an Order of Protection or No Contact Order. We have extensive experience representing both Petitioners and Respondents in these matters.

Civil Litigation

  • Civil Rights
  • Personal Injury
Civil rights cases may involve police misconduct, excessive force, malicious prosecution, discrimination, or other issues. If you believe your rights have been violated by a person or institution, a civil rights attorney can help you evaluate your options.

Personal injury matters arise when individuals suffer harm as a result of the actions or negligence of others. Personal injury cases may involve auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, premises liability, workplace accidents, or other injuries. If you have been seriously injured, a personal injury attorney can help you determine what remedies you may have and whether financial compensation is possible.

Real Estate

  • Short-Term Rentals
Short-term rentals and accommodations have become dramatically more popular in recent years. Online platforms (e.g., Airbnb, VRBO, Sonder) connecting property owners and hosts with individuals seeking short-term accommodations have had a major impact on housing markets and the hospitality industry. Cities across the country have responded by implementing new guidelines and policy changes regarding short-term rentals. If you want to open or operate a short-term rental unit or accommodation, staying in compliance with fast-changing laws is critical.

Criminal Records

  • Expungement
  • Sealing
  • Executive Clemency
  • Professional Licensing
A criminal record can affect everything from employment and housing prospects to driving privileges, professional licensing, and immigration status. More than 40,000 laws, policies, and procedures across the country create a massive web of collateral consequences of criminal records. Even if you were never convicted of anything (e.g., a case against you was dismissed), you may still be subject to repercussions.

In Illinois, over 3 million people have a criminal record—more than a quarter of the state’s population. Changes in the law over the last few years have made many more people eligible for relief. Contact us if you want to be proactive about cleaning up your record to avoid missing out on future opportunities.

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